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In this section… I’d like to list a few of my latest and ongoing obsessions, likes, fave things, etc… because I know I have great taste and if you’re anything like me, you’ll like them too.

Erin Condrin – Are you a planner? Well if not, you should be. Kidding, but in all seriousness Erin Condrin is the holy grail for all things when it comes to organization and planning materials.  The planners are customizable for your needs.  They are obviously more expensive than a standard planner you might find at Target, but how manny times have you bought a planner and then thought, “The layout to this thing is stupid” or “I wish I had more room to organize [insert your personal needs here]”. Well with these planners you can avoid that issue.  IF you’re a planner, or you’re someone who is particular about orgaizing your life, these planners are a must have.

Audible – Like, for real, as much as I’d love to have time to devote to reading the latest trendy book, or self-help novel to kick my ass into gear and motivate me to be my best self, or whatever my soul needs for serenity, I don’t. I have zero time to devote to sitting in a quiet, comfortable room without distraction and read in contentment.  BUT I DO have time to LISTEN to these books or even podcasts. Enter, Audible. I have the ability to listen while I drive, clean, cook, shower, the list is endless. It’s good for the soul, yo.  Give it a try.

Fabletics – Oh, Kate Hudson. How can people not love her.  Well her athletic line is great.  Sign up to be a VIP member and you pay the monthly fee… but you get the same amount of money to spend on the site at discounted rates.  I’ve considered trying other things like this… Stitchfix being one example… but I’d rather have more comfy and fun workout clothes. Personal preference.   The clothes are great,  hold up well.  Pants run a little smaller in my opinion.  Overall, love.

PEScience – One Word: Delish. I have struggled, time and time again, to find a protein powder that I enjoy… Enter, PEScience. Their Select protein powders are a clinically tested combination of Whey and Casein protein to aid in slower digestion and the casein mixed in allows for a slower release of amino acids over a period of time. Combine that with the Whey that makes its way to the bloodstream at a faster rate and you have a magical combination.  Ok, so it’s not revolutionary- but its one reason that I enjoy their protein.  They also offer pre, intra and post workout drinks, a vegan line, other supplements & stacks, oats and also…drum-roll… a Cafe Series for all of us coffee lovers. YAS!!  Last thing I’ll preach about this brand, is that they also offer a number of delicious recipes on their site and via their instagram following.  They are amazing.   Always a promo code out there for a discount as well.

Vitacost – Vitacost has it all!!!  Vitamins, Check! Supplements, Check! Protein errythang, Check! Healthy substitutions for everyday items in your home, Check!   Honestly,  Vitacost is amazing.  I now get everything from coffee creamer, to melatonin, to Quest Bars to Peanut Butter on here… Love.

Fitness Blender –  I love this site.  I have friends and family who have the motivation to get healthy and fit, but they are not comfortable in the gym. Maybe because of their appearance, maybe because they don’t know much about working out, maybe they don’t know where to start, maybe they feel silly working out around other people. Whatever the reason this site gives you a TON of at home workout videos that you can follow along to. They have everything from bite size videos to full length cardio videos, all that you can do from the comfort of your own home.   You can search and filter the workout videos as you like to focus on a specific muscle group, or type of workout.  The site also offers a ton of other tools to help along the way, and recipes to try if you need a little help in the kitchen.  check it out now if you’re curious.

FabFitFun – Love.  Basically all of your favorite things rolled into one.  First thing I love about the FabFitFun box is that you’re not bombarded with it.  Its a quarterly subscription.  I like.  Second,  I checked the priceof some of the items that came in my first box and they don’t lie,  its a great damn value for what you get.  Third,  I get to try new things. Always fun, period.  And Last, the style profile.  They ask you a ton of questions about your interests, likes, dislikes, etc. And not only what you DO want in your box, but what you DON’T want.  Because lets be real, there are some things that would be better suited being sent elsewhere, my example- bracelets. I don’t have time for that.

Bluum – Because what mom doesn’t spend an excess amount of money on stuff for their babies and to make their life easier.  None, correct!  With Bluum, you get a monthly box catered to your child. With age specific items for baby AND mom to help you get through motherhood. Clearly I love surprise boxes because I love to try new things and duh, surprises. But my son loves the age appropriate toys sent, I love the mom tools I’ve acquired as well.  As a mom we are always looking for the latest and greatest baby items and brands that work well for our  family, here is a great way to test those out. Rated and built by obviously none other than, Moms.